100 Caños Hojiblanca EVOO

Hojiblanca liquid gold

100 Caños is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Hojiblanca variety that comes from olive groves located in Villanueva del Trabuco (Málaga), specifically in Finca Molino Jabonero, where we also share the rich culture of olive oil through our OleoTurismo experience, will you join us?

This Hojiblanca EVOO is made exclusively with olives harvested in November; its mechanical extraction system is cold (always below 25ºC), its grinding is almost immediate, since as soon as the olive is picked, it is taken to the oil mill to squeeze its amazing liquid gold.

From its year long care until it is collected, it follows quality standards to obtain the best hojiblanca olive oil in Spain. Once the oil is extracted from the fruit, it is stored in stainless steel tanks with an exhaustive control of the temperature, always kept at 15ºC.

Every year we produce limited units of our EVOO Hojiblanca 100 Caños on request. It comes in a 500ml dark glass bottle.

Taste notes

Cata de Aceites, oleoturismo



Due to its intense fruity aroma and its great persistence in the mouth, 100 Caños EVOO is especially suitable for elaborating raw meals and cold dishes such as salads, gazpachos … It is also excelent as a final condiment on hot dishes like grilled vegetables, hot soups, grilled fish …

Gastronomía AOVE 100 Caños

Nutritional information

The daily consumption of 20 grams of the analyzed oil provides 5.5 mg of hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol and derivatives, an amount higher than established by the European Union Directive 432/2012 (5 mg of daily intake) based on the Healthy Declaration of the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA). Therefore, the consumption of this olive oil in the indicated amount provides the beneficial effects reflected in said statement, among which the protection of blood lipids against

Compound-Concentration (mg / kg)
Hydroxytyrosol 0.7
Tyrosol 0.0
Oleacein 84.5
Oleocanthal 16.4
Oleuropein aglycone (open aldehyde forms) 45.1
Oleuropein aglycone (closed monoaldehyde form) 59.5
Ligustroside aglycone (open aldehyde forms) 17.0
Ligustroside aglycone (closed monoaldehyde form) 52.2
Apigenin 0.8
Luteolin 1.0

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